Welcome to Ovanolabs

Ovanolabs is known for serving cutting edge technology to small, medium, large enterprises and businesses. Ovanolabs protects your company’s environment with a new level of security that is specially designed and developed just for your business so that it is compatible with your infrastructure.

Cyber security

We are leading and trusted cyber security consulting partner that specializes in securing the IT infrastructure and assets. Here at Ovanolabs we develop and embed the best cyber security technology into your IT infrastructure systems.

Embedded technology

Ovanolabs also facilitates in the development of custom industrial technology to it's clients. So that enterprises and businesses could enjoy the efficiency of the technology which has been specially made as per the requirement.

Infrastructure security

In conjunction with image processing and advanced software tools, CCTV systems work to prevent crime, enable identification of persons of interest and assist in detection. Ovanolabs provides outstanding performance and value to help you achieve your security objectives.


N.Ravi kiran is the Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ovanolabs. A veritable wizard of technology, a cyber-security expert, and an entrepreneur.